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   Anthropology professor, Terry Castro, discovers the remnant of the Chilco, a once-mighty nation that survived in the rain forest of Peru since the time of the Incas. The discovery puts Castro’s life at risk, and threatens the continued existence of the Chilco, as a giant pharmaceutical company seeks to exploit the tribe’s peculiar life-extending potion. With the help of Carrie Waters, an insecure medium, and the Chilco’s hundred-year-old shaman, Castro struggles to save the tribe. As the smoke clears from a cataclysmic battle between corporate greed and tribal innocence, the survivors are left to contemplate the question: Is extending human life worth the cost?

Cloud Warriors is currently on submission, in search of an agent.


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  Against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War and the rise of the Third Reich, a painting by world-famous painter, Juan Miro, disappears from the 1937 Paris World Exposition. Eighty years later the estranged mother of budding artist Hamilton Blethen sees the lost painting as the avenue to give her son financial security while gaining for herself a piece of the son she abandoned as a toddler. When she arranges to have him paint a copy of Miro’s The Reaper, Hamilton is convinced he is being asked to paint a forgery, putting his ethics in question at the same time he is being forced by his love for a woman to come to terms with the painful memories of being abandoned.

Not yet published, The Reaper is currently in rewrite.



  The world is descending into economic chaos,  terrorist wars proliferate and civilization is crumbling. With governments ineffectual and alliances unstable, the global media cartel secretly gathers to find a solution. Their answer: to create, through global thought control and media wizardry, a Messiah.  In Manny Sarkehazian they think they’ve found the perfect candidate, but when Manny realizes that there are benefits to being a living diety, their plan goes off the rails and their world faces an even bigger threat.

Not yet completed, Messiah, will be…some day.


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