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Cloud Warriors is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by Amazon.

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Terry H. /Amazon: This book is both hands up wildly waving “Read me!” I picked it up because I already knew this author was a great storyteller, and the “lost tribe” at the center of the story was compelling. AND THEN, ‘turns out, this book is a heart-burning page-turner. It’s not just an excellent story line, there’s a depth to every single one its characters. You don’t find that often. Rob Jung creates strong personalities that come to vivid reality in the life of the mind, and it was especially satisfying to find that, in a man’s man world—jungle warriors and big pharma magnates in the heart of the Amazon—there are real, finely drawn strong women at the heart of the action. I loved the story and the understory concern for culture and environment—and I loved the respect the author shows for all aspects of human character. Great read from a great storyteller. Want more!

Joseph/Amazon: Very good read. Loved Jung’s vocabulary; required looking up 30 to 50 words, so that I could get the meaning, intent of the author/charter or story line at that point. Fast moving, devoured the book in less than five hours. Good balance between walking the reader through the duality of life’s challenges. Magical stuff for sure.

Kristin/Amazon: Couldn’t put this book down. Great read!

Sue Frances/NetGalley: I can’t remember reading anything like this before, Cloud Warriors is different and intriguing. Not my normal read but I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t stop reading.

Marie Riley/NetGalley: I thought it was really well written with great characterisation and interaction between the characters and the plot lines. It also nicely raises some moral questions in tying everything together at the end.

Paul Lane (Librarian): This is Rob Jung’s first published book and it is a good introduction for the new author. The book is a fast read, has a very interesting theme and incorporates several factors that normally do not appear in most novels…The book is one that will keep the reader glued to the pages until finished. He or she will come to the realization that they have read the first novel of a man with an excellent imagination and be ready for more in the near future.

Hannelor Cheney/NetGalley:Wow, I loved this book! Such a unique read…a long lost tribe of blond, blue eyed warriors is discovered in the Peruvian Rainforest by an archeology professor and his pupils. The tribe is on the verge of extinction when the professor is accidentally poisoned; it threatens not only his life but the fate of the tribe. A medium tries to find a remedy and voila..the poison seems to have the ability to triple life expectancy. The pharmaceutical world gets involved and the threat to the tribe and even our world looms large, posing all sorts of ethical questions. I loved the setting, so exotic. With a hint of the paranormal this story took me out of myself. An adventurous trip, with a good cast of characters. Highly recommend!

Diane Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews, January 2018.

“A story that includes encounters with the spirits, a powerful magical potion that could change the world, and a clash between ancient and modern civilizations that places Professor Castro at the heart of one of the biggest discoveries (and potentially the most dangerous changes) humanity will ever face.

Readers of thrillers that incorporate scientific discovery, deadly special interests and manipulation processes, and confrontations between ethical and moral purposes will relish Cloud Warriors for its fast-paced action and satisfying blend of adventure with a touch of extraordinary powers and intrigue.

Especially recommended for readers who look for the kind of high-octane action, complex plots and powerful characterization mastered by such big names as Michael Crichton, H. Rider Haggard and Philip Kerr.”


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