Cloud Warriors, Coming February 22, 2019


Cloud Warriors review:

A story that includes encounters with the spirits, a powerful magical potion that could change the world, and a clash between ancient and modern civilizations that places Professor Castro at the heart of one of the biggest discoveries (and potentially the most dangerous changes) humanity will ever face.

Readers of thrillers that incorporate scientific discovery, deadly special interests and manipulation processes, and confrontations between ethical and moral purposes will relish Cloud Warriors for its fast-paced action and satisfying blend of adventure with a touch of extraordinary powers and intrigue.

Especially recommended for readers who look for the kind of high-octane action, complex plots and powerful characterization mastered by such big names as Michael Crichton, H. Rider Haggard and Philip Kerr.

Diane Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews, January 2018.

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Coming 2019: The Reaper

A famous painting disappears in Paris on the eve of World War II,  creating a moral and ethical predicament nearly a century later for a mother and her estranged son.

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