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The Sower

Second book of the The Reaper series

The Sower Cover

The story of The Reaper continues with The Sower, as transgender detective Ronni Brilliant, embroiled in a murder investigation, finds herself caught between her client, Hamilton Blethen, a woman she admires, media magnate and Senate candidate Magnolia Kanaranzi, and either of whom could be the murderer. As the election approaches and the tension escalates, Brilliant is forced to make a choice that could end her career or her life.

The Sower will be released in the spring of 2021.


Also coming in 2021: First Witch


A dame from Kilkenny had four
Husbands she didn’t adore.
Her name was A. Kyteler,
Served poison each night, sir,
And soon they were husbands no more.
– C.J. Rackham

An Irish tale of gold, gluttony, greed and grace.

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