Praise for The Reaper

Below are portions of the judge’s commentary from the 28th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

 “The Reaper is a story with a lot of moving parts: there are numerous characters, all of whom have their own goals and aspirations, and a preoccupation with a single Joan Miro painting, and what it represents to each character. The story spans the decades, and we see that the true plot of The Reaper isn’t about the painting itself, but the start of a war between Ham Blethen and his mother Magnolia. And yet, though there are countless characters, the “who’s-who” dance is never confusing or off-putting for the reader, as each character (even the minor ones) are fully fleshed, clear, and distinct within the reader’s imagination.

The novel’s cover is a clean, crisp design, and the writing itself is strong. And though the sentences aren’t short or economical per se, there is a clean elegance to the language that feels intentional, and also serves to drive the story forward.

The Reaper is a tour de force story of one painting and a collection of characters whose greed, passion, and determination force them to come violently at odds over the span of decades.”


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