I’m a storyteller.

Sometimes, I put those stories on paper.

That makes me a writer. 

When they get published, I become an author.

But, essentially, I’m a storyteller.

My stories are about people whose lives are altered because of some fissure in the fabric of history; seemingly random occurrences that send ripples through time.   A work of art that disappeared seventy years ago, the reappearance of a white-skinned tribe from the time of the Incas, a treasure hidden by the first witch of Ireland, a hundred-year-old broken covenant: each of them brought tribulation and transformation to contemporary lives.

There are many such historical aberrations.

When one collides with you, I’ll be here to tell your story.

                                                                                                                                   Rob Jung

I’ve been a lawyer, a sawyer, inventor and singer; an entrepreneur, provocateur, historian and thespian; gourmet cook, wine snob, race car driver and fishing guide; an explorer, a dreamer, story teller and writer. I like reading and baseball and conversation and Manhattans. Born in the wine country of California, raised on a farm in Wisconsin, earned a law degree at Harvard. Married to Kathy. Father of three. Grandfather. I’ve finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up, be a writer of

History and Mystery and Thrillers.

Oh, my!

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