Under the Hawk Hill Literary imprint, Rob Jung provides services as both consultant and expediter for those who wish to self-publish their work.

Applying the knowledge accumulated through hundreds of hours spent in classes, webinars and seminars; scores of one-on-one conversations with other self-published authors, and the publication of his own work, Rob can help guide you through the publishing process.

Whether it is providing a critique of your work; connecting you with top quality editors, proofreaders, designers, printers and publicists; and/or helping you formulate a marketing plan, our goal is to take the fear and mystery out of your publishing journey, and help you achieve a high-quality, completed book which you will be proud of and of which you will own all of the rights.

To learn more about the services provided by Hawk Hill Literary, email Rob at Please do not send excerpts or manuscripts.


Coming soon from Hawk Hill Literary: On Nowhere St.

When young runaway, Jennie Nystrom, came to television reporter Gabby Gooding, desperate for help in finding Hannah, another runaway and Jennie’s best friend, Gabby had no idea where that simple request would lead.  First to a revealing look inside the world of homeless and often-abused youth, then to a mystifying murder investigation that leads to threats on Gabby’s life, and finally, to a dramatic confrontation with Jennie’s abusive father, and a rapist-turned-killer. 

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