Judgment Day Reviews

Reviewed by Keith Mbuya for Readers’ Favorite: 5 Stars

She had come too far to let her current predicament end everything
she had worked so hard to achieve. But her situation was
unprecedented. Magnolia Kanaranzi, one of the richest and most
powerful women in New England, had become the first-ever newly
elected Senator to be faced with a murder charge. Magnolia had
allegedly killed her mother, Lorraine Blethen. The fact that
Magnolia’s estranged son Hamilton Blethen was leading the
investigation did not make things any easier. Heeding her
attorney’s advice, Magnolia accepted extradition to Minnesota in a
bid to evade federal charges. She found herself facing a $100
million bond, imminent expulsion from the Senate, and the
possibility of facing further federal prosecution. With Napoleon Taft,
the best defense attorney in the US by her side, and her former
French-born fixer Henri Hawke secretly plotting her downfall, what
does fate have in store for Magnolia? Will Hamilton finally get the
closure that he so desperately seeks from his estranged mother?
Find out in Rob Jung’s Judgment Day.
If you are looking for a gripping tale with a compelling plot of
murder, crime, backstabbing, deceit, blackmail, betrayal, vendetta,
courtroom drama, jail life, scandals, and money, Rob Jung’s
Judgment Day is just what you should be looking for. Weaving an
intriguing plot, Jung features a fascinating assembly of savvy
attorneys, ruthless jurors, greedy fixers, dangerous inmates, and
hitmen. The evocative descriptions breathed life into the scenes,
dropping me right into the middle of all the action and drama. One
moment I was at the office of Taft, Hartman, and Lowinski,
Attorneys at Law, marveling at Taft’s proficiency in the legal world.
The next moment I was watching a brawl go down inside the walls
of Goodhue County Jail. The well-crafted emotions and
characteristics of the role-players were boldly explored, making it
easy to connect with them. The edge-of-the-seat suspense had me
hooked. Although this is the third and final installment in the
Chimera Chronicles series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I loved


From Diane Donovan, Donovan’s Literary Services and Senior Reviewer for Midwest Book Review:

Judgment Day is not a novel about the end of the world, but the story of the end of one woman’s world. Magnolia Kanaranzi has just been elected to the US Senate when a probe of her past reveals that she once conspired to murder her mother. Even her powerful lawyer seemingly admits defeat when he seeks to have her declared unfit to stand trial, much less serve her country.

Forensic psychologist Bishop Pollock uncovers the truth—but instead of redeeming her and restoring her good name, it only mires her in further conundrums that force her to go into hiding to avoid prosecution and a mental institution. On the run, she is lured back by the prospect of reconciliation with her now-adult estranged son Hamilton Blethen, whom she abandoned when he was four years old.

Hamilton, too, is at a crossroads. His grandmother’s murderer has been identified, and his estranged mother is back in his life. Sadly, they appear to be one and the same. Ham needs answers to his questions. Only his mother can provide them. He will have to confront her, and his past, to get them.

Rob Jung creates a powerful interplay between issues of justice, family connections, and psychological undercurrents that shake not just a family, but the nation. From the mechanics of a prison system which threatens Magnolia’s life to psychological session notes that illustrate the truth, Jung crafts a fine tension between legal and psychological issues.

Who is really the victim and who is the villain, in such matters? Judgment Day makes you think.  Its deep inspections of motive and perception and its insights into the criminal law system’s successes and failures creates a story that is especially highly recommended for thriller readers interested in justice, redemption, and political entanglements.

Libraries and readers seeking solid tension development, good characterization, and twists and turns they won’t see coming will find Judgment Day an astute examination of escape, liberation, and the inexorable cost of revealing the truth.


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