Reviews of Cloud Warriors

Anthony P, Reviewer

I really enjoyed this believable thriller about a tribe of forgotten natives hidden in the Peruvian rainforests. The plot was fast paced and I could not put the book down. Characters were well thought out. Looking forward to Jung’s next book.

Doug Y, Educator

A long-rumored tribe of tall, blond, blue-eyed peaceful jungle dwellers, a comatose anthropology professor, his ex-wife, a wealthy couple who own a pharmaceutical company, a greedy CFO, National Geographic, and the Russian mafia are all major characters in this creative novel held together by the thoughts and actions of a very believable medium. The search for curare and the hope that it can restore health and/or extend life pushes the plot forward in an enjoyable and informative novel. Already looking forward to the next Rob Jung release.

Cindy M, Reviewer

An amazingly literate, engaging novel with a unique premise and characters with whom you immediately empathize. I loved the locale, as well as the myths surrounding the Cloud People — a tribe of huge, pale-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed people supposed to have lived deep within the Amazon jungles. The paranormal activity was also presented without going overboard and into completely unrealistic territory. Highly recommended, and definitely not the last book by Mr. Jung that I’ll be reading.

Raychel Sullins, Net Galley

Thrilling and fast paced. A real page turner that leaves you wanting more. I would recommend this book and can’t wait to discover more from Rob Jung.

Sandy Wright, Reviewer

Rob Jung is a great storyteller. I loved the exotic setting, and the tale of the lost Chilco “cloud warrior” tribe is unique, fusing the past with the present. The search for the ancient Incan tribe by a team of Americans is the opening of the book, but the author has crafted the Incan’s equal surprise in encountering the strange interlopers, their looks and their habits. Woven throughout is a thread of psychic spiritualism that works well within the story because it’s based on the native’s beliefs. The addition of the “civilized” world’s ruthless quest for power and domination stands in stark contrast to the Chilco’s beliefs and practices. This fusion of anthropology and the paranormal kept a somewhat standard thriller plot engaging and suspenseful.